At the beginning of every year many people come up with New Years resolutions. Two things you will find on the majority of everyone's lists are fitness and travel. Everyone wants to travel and lose weight, but year after year they never go after their goals. Well this piece is about travel. We'll get to the weight loss later. Why do we put our desire to travel to that new place on the back burner year after year? The highly successful don't. Those who are successful and understand how to maintain their success understand how essential travel is to their success. The conclusion that I have come to is that people are afraid! Fear of what? Fear of the unknown, fear of letting themselves enjoy something new, fear of not having enough money.

Here are some recommendations to get you on your next journey. You have to start somewhere! Start with a weekend getaway to your closet national park. The experience doesn't have to be massive and luxurious to get the juices flowing. Most people don’t realize that most national parks, with amazing sites, are no more then a two-hour drive. Here is the kicker those national parks and amazing cities that are only two-hours away from you (that you may not feel like driving to), are dream destinations to those in the exotic places you dream of visiting. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had aboard with locals planning trips to the US. While your at it, depending on where you live and the airline, season, and promotions, snag one of those inexpensive flights to Orlando, Miami Vegas, Chicago, LA, DC or NYC. You may be able to book a flight as low as $30, one way. If you get lucky you may just bump into a flight to the Caribbean under $200 round trip. Even though it's not usual, it's been done before. You can also reserve a 4 or 5 star hotel at a budget travel website or you can book your hotel at www.greatnesstravels.com for a low rate. If you do not have a passport, make sure you apply that may be your biggest excuse not to travel. The process is very simple.

Now let's address the money issue. Many people believe they don’t have the money to travel, BS! Hold on I'll spell it out for you! BULLSHIT! Most people don't realize that if they cut some minor expenses from their daily lives for 3-6 months, travel will become very affordable. Let's look at a few things that you may be able to cut out. Here's 1 for most people: going out every weekend. If you get unlit or turn down or stay at home which ever resonates with you for a few months you can have enough money for a flight. Get lit in a super lit destination! Here's another, people don't realize, but that daily Starbucks run is quite an expense when you look at it over 3-6 months. Do the math; find it at the right time, and that just may be a flight to Dubai. We haven't even gotten into the cost of extra snacks or eating out. Save your money! Eat out at an amazing restaurant in an amazing destination. "The mere thought that travel is expensive is more expensive then travel itself".

It's time to change how you look at traveling the world. It's time to begin your journey around the world (if that is your goal). Final recommendation, when ever you travel to a new destination no matter where, or what you heard about that place go see for your self. Think about it like this, everywhere you travel, travel with a pair of glasses. Every new place you visit, visit with a new set of lenses! No place will be the same. No experience will be the same. It may be similar, but if you look at it as if it is the same you may miss the true essence of the experience.

-Adil Ismaaeel

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