We often allow what we hear and see hinder us from life changing experiences. Do not allow your prejudgments to deter you from visiting such an amazing kingdom. Qatar, Oh Qatar have you treated me well. Well enough to fall in love before the evening came to an end. Qatar is an effortless stop over with Qatar Airways, coming in or out from a stay in Dubai. It's small and quint enough to visit and complete everything in 2 or 3 days. From the dazzling skyline to the stunning turquoise water in the cornice, it is a must visit! But it is essential that it be done correctly. Make sure you visit after October to give ease to the hot weather. Visit with a local and there won't be a moment of regret.

We began our visit with a stop at the Museum of Islamic Art. It sat over the cornice and had a stunning backdrop of Qatar's skyline, what an admirable sight to see! After our visit of the Museum we proceeded to Pearl Island which has a marina lined with grand yachts, shops, and restaurant. The mere ambiance of how the shops are lined with the marina is a sight to see. We then took a five-minute drive over to Katara Cultural Village. Here is where we fell in love with Qatar. The ravishing architecture along with the beach and beautiful breeze made it a night hard to forget. There were families and friends meeting in one place simply relaxing, and enjoying on another’s company and conversation over dinner, with a dash of the famous Katara Tea. The famous Katara Tea is an absolute must have when visiting Qatar. Everyone visits Katara Culture Village for Katara tea, young and old, rich and poor, no matter who you are you will stop for tea. So make sure you get a sip of the famous Katara tea and bread. Not only are there endless dinning options for what ever fits your palette there are gondolas To enjoy the evening breeze over the water with that special someone. This is one of the most serene places I have visited. To make your visit simpler, you can walk the length of the beech and catch a golf cart, free of charge, back to your car or taxi.

The grandeur of Qatar doesn't end there. After our visit to Katara we took a seven-minute drive over to Souk Waqif, which means “the standing market”. Here you will find endless shops to find what ever your heart desires. You could even catch a nice meal over the excitement of the souk or even try some hookah. The atmosphere is exhilarating! But don’t just take our word for it, go out and experience it yourself and come back and tell us all about.

- Adil Ismaaeel

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