Where do I begin? The topic is Black travel! Blacks traveling? Black women travel? Black men travel? Black youth traveling? Black couples traveling? Many people have this dream of traveling the world. Some actually do it, but many do not. Ready for some inspiration to change that?

How about we start with a huge good job to black women. You always do a great job, but black women travel and they travel a lot. There are plenty of groups of black women traveling. One thing that gave me great joy was to see so many black people traveling. On another note, I was disturbed by the ratio of black women to black men traveling. Here is a true story! Out of a group of about 400-500 black people from all around the world converging on one destination which was pure beauty, shout out to the coordinators, 85 % of the travelers were women, and yup you guessed it only 15% were men. Then again, I'm handling the travel logistics of another trip preparing our guest list and bang it hit me, 80-85 % percent of our travelers were black women. I'm not here to scold anyone or point out what's wrong with anyone or group of people I just want to inspire. "I believe 100% that travel is one of the keys to unlock the confidence of Black men in America". Once black men experience the world around them they can see that the world in fact admires them and their struggles. The thing is many black men don't have a desire to travel or want to deal with the hassle of travel. Have to deal with things such as; filling out the passport application, TSA and being on the plane for so many hours or what it feels like to truly be away from safety. It's not your fault; it's your moms. Also, we face the fact that Many black men are imprisoned or have been Imprisoned, and due to their past are limited to how far they can go for a certain period of time.

Honestly, my fellow black man, traveling the world is what you are missing. Driving that fly car, wearing those Jordan's or yeezys or whatever brand of shoe that is currently in, or those $400 pair of jeans or $500 glasses to impress your homies or that next bad shorty that you been checking out for a while, is not all that life has to offer, and you don't have to wait until you retire to experience the world. The world is waiting for you and the amazing black women and every other nationality, which many are single, are waiting for you as well. They can't wait to have amazing conversations with you on rooftops over looking dope skylines or breath taking mountains over looking amazing landscapes.

The time is now to diversify the black man! In these amazing destinations you get to experience other cultures and histories, you get to see past dynasties and kingdoms ruled by powerful black men and women who fought against colonialism and enslavement. You get to meet other people from around the world with connections in places you've never heard of with unlimited opportunities in places you would have never thought of. You get to see for your self, different religions, cultures and how they are practiced/ implemented. Then after experiencing all of that you are then able to choose for your self how you will like to live your life!

One of My greatest joys when traveling is seeing other black men traveling. It's a beautiful sight to see, but there's this gray cloud around the black community which is a lack in black children traveling. Black parents we have to do everything we can to provide black youth the opportunity to travel. The greatest education you can give to anyone or your child is allowing them to see new places, experience new cultures, people and religions.

Black couples, especially our couples that may be going through a rough patch in your relationship, travel together. It's that simple. Then you will be able to truly learn who that person is. You ever dealt with someone who is jet lagged? Yeah try it! That will tell you if you need to be together or not. Get lost with that person; experience those amazing mountaintops and incredible ancient and modern architecture together. Having to figure out a new place with a person you love can be a transformative experience. You can gain love and trust that you never knew existed. Travel can take black love to another level!

Overall let's get out and travel the world. Let's show the world that we are not what is portrayed on American TV/ media. We are professional, kings, queens, doctors, lawyers, writers, photographers, overall amazing people! Traveling the world is most certainly a way to make a statement globally. Here are a few suggestions:

· That next birthday or holiday celebration instead of buying that special person/love ones an expensive gift, book them a travel experience.

· Book them a flight or a gift card to be spent with an airline or hotel.

· Buy them a map with pins to pin their dream destinations.

· Also, invest and donate to programs that provide travel experiences to underserved black youth!

Adil Ismaaeel

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