Breaking Borders 2nd Edition

Breaking Borders 2nd Edition

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Breaking Borders is an inspirational guide to embolden black men and men of color to travel and gain access to opportunities and success around the world. 


Adil Ismaaeel, an avid traveler and Border Breaker, wrote Breaking Borders to embolden black men and men of color to shift the perspective in their minds through travel.

Encouraging them to positively challenge the norms in their communities and society overall.


Breaking Borders redefines the idea of travel and the ideas around the opportunities that are available to black men and other men of color.


Breaking Borders isn’t just a book about how to travel, it opens up discussions about a number of issues and topics as it relates to life as well as the struggles of minority communities, and how to develop and uplift these communities across the African diaspora.


“Traveling the world is one of the keys to unlocking confidence within black men” (Adil Ismaaeel)